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Electric Substations

Our company offers industrial class Electric Substations that can be used in power plants and heavy engineering applications to generate and deliver electrical power. We sell these power controllers with full installation and guidance services.

Electrical Isolator components are highly durable fittings that are in high demand within electrical substations to isolate various elements to ensure high security. Buy from us these industrial grade products in large quantities at a low price.

Repairing Service

We are Rajasthan, India-based firm that offer Repairing Service for medium to high powered electrical substations and heavy duty machines. Our team uses advanced tools and technologies to ensure fast servicing at reasonable price.

VCB Panel
VCB Panel also known as vacuum circuit breaker units, are commonly used in low to high powered electrical systems within industrial sectors. Customers can get these heavy duty controllers as per their demands at a 
Electric Transformer

Electric Transformer machines manufactured and supplied by our company are available in various sizes and power ratings as per customer demands. These heavy duty machines can be used in commercial as well as industrial systems.

Package Substation

Package Substation machines are electrical power controllers that are designed and developed as per electrical engineering standards. These electrical machines are available in various sizes and power ratings as per the applications where they are going to be installed.